Tentacle porn where the victim or victims are willing participants, thus giving consent for sexual intercourse with said tentacles. Consentacles Anonymous 09/23/14 (Tue) No>> [Watch Thread][Show All Posts]. >>No consentacles on D Let's Change That!! ▷ Anonymous. Consentacle is a cooperative card game about trust, intimacy, and communication where two players take on the roles of a human being and a tentacled alien.

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Max image dimensions are x Gestures, eye contact, divining your partner's intentions and next moves, and salacious but not explicit illustrations on the cards all play a role in non-verbal communication and guesswork. Netrunner, where one player tries to pierce the secrets and defenses of the other while each player manages a complex economy of resources. I also collaborated with Melanie Bossert, a graduate student at Parsons: Reason [ Global ]. Spoiler images this replaces the thumbnails of your images with question marks. Surprised this thread is still up.

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